NRCS halts the sale of short mass cement bags in Port Elizabeth


20 July 2010

The National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS)’s Legal Metrology Division in Port Elizabeth has recently served embargo notices on IPC cc and Ezamvelo Trading cc for violating the Trade Metrology Act. The companies were supplying bags of cement that were below the declared weight on the package (50 kg). This was uncovered during routine inspections at various cement retailers in the City.

Tests conducted in the stores during inspections concluded that some bags declared as 50 kgs only weighed as little as 46.76kgs and subsequently, a total of about 90 000 imported cement bags from both companies were prohibited from being offered for sale.

The Regulator has instructed the two companies not to sell the products to consumers until corrective action has been undertaken. This is in line with the NRCS’ mandate of protecting human health, safety and the environment, as well as ensuring fair trade across the markets. The organisation is committed to protect both consumers and the Industry by ensuring fair trade within the Industry. This is achieved through the maintenance and enforcement of compulsory specifications in accordance with the Trade Metrology Act and other applicable legislations.

The NRCS would like to encourage retailers, consumers, the general public as well as the industry to report any goods that do not comply with compulsory specifications.

Mirriam Moswaane on 012 428 6848 / 083 364 2007 or via email

Issued by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS).

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