NCF supports 1GOAL

9 July 2010

Following its survey on the provision of computers and internet in a rural area near Pretoria, the National Consumer Forum has added its voice of support to the 1GOAL campaign for education for all.

The survey found that only 20% of schools had functioning libraries, and only 10% had computers available to learners. None of the schools surveyed had access to the internet.

“It is vital that we not only get our young people into schools, but that we offer them the necessary resources in those schools,” said NCF chairman Thami Bolani. “It is a tragedy that our country spends so much on education, but still cannot offer universal access to basic learning facilities like libraries, computers and the internet. Without these facilities, our learners are simply not being equipped for the modern world.”

He said the NCF wholeheartedly supports 1GOAL’s efforts to beat poverty with education. “We are ourselves having to get directly involved in consumer education, as a result of our people being denied this basic right for so long,” said Bolani. The NCF launched its pilot Access to Knowledge (A2K) centre earlier this year to train consumers in financial literacy, ICT skills and other vital areas.

“Hosting the World Cup tournament in South Africa has given us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to focus the nation’s energy on the power of soccer to unite and inspire people worldwide,” he said. “Let us now get behind the 1GOAL initiative to extend the impact of the World Cup into the future of our youth.”

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